Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My pet tiger

If i could have any sort of wild  pet it would be a tiger but it wouldn't hurt anyone an it would obey me. IT would be so cool and i would name her ''Tyra'' and we would do everything together like go on walks, play in the park, i would feed her and we would even watch sitcoms together secretly though because my mother would never allow it!!! And she will have her own little house/room to sleep in and she would also scare away all the bullies!
 This is ''Tyra!"

My favourite Song

Right now my favourite song is ''Blank Space'' by Taylor Swift! Oh my word i just love it!!!
And this isn't the only one I'm kinda a T Swift fan so there's allot more, but Ill spare you this time:)

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Over the school holidays I went to Ratanga Junction. I loved it! My favorite was the Monkey Falls. The most thrilling ride for me was the Cobra i went on it with my best friend Imaan! We had a fantastic time there!

School is back in... 2015!!!

This year of 2015 was GREAT so far[even though its just the beginning] ! I had a great new years, with my friends and cousins! We partied, danced, jumped on the trampoline, swam till  the next morning then we stopped swimming at 1 in the morning! It was amazing. My cousin and my best friend came with me to my house to sleep over!