Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Happy Easter

To all my blog viewers have a happy Easter. Ester is the best so I hope you all enjoy your self this Easter holiday. love Kiona.

Easter baskets

Today in my class we made Easter baskets and tomorrow when we come to school the Easter bunny (my teacher) would have given us Easter eggs. I can not wait. The aster bunny is really kind to come early and give us Easter eggs twice. I love Easter it is the best after Christmas.   

The reason i am looking forward to Easter

1. The chocolate         
2. The Easter marshmallows    
3.The Easter egg hunt     
4.The part when my cousins come and we play and swim.
5. The part when I spend time with my family

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Easter is coming soon everyone is exited. Easter is a child favourite time of year besides Christmas and the most religious. it has the most amazing things in it like jesses rising of the dead and bunnies Easter eggs and chocolate. today our class done an activity where we made carrots it was really fun.  

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

my piano

about a month ago I star ted playing the piano. I think it was the best instrument I could choose. a week after I got my own one. its not that hard and it can play low and high. you also get different kinds of pianos like vertical pianos, grand piano you also get different kinds of grand pianos like baby grand ,petite grand ,medium grand  e.c.t.

time travel

5 life fulfilments and ways of getting rich through time travel for me is ....

1. I will use the time machine to go to ancient Egypt and steal all the gold and treasure out of the pyramids.

2. I will go back to the medieval times and steal one of their coins so I can sell it to a museum.

3. I will go back in time and see who my first ancestors were.

4. I will go back in time to the time when Nelson Mandela was president and I will shake his hand.

5. I will go back in time and invent the watch.