Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Vincent van Gogh

Today our task is to review any thing you want. I chose Vincent van Gogh because he seems really interesting and we doing his picture starry knight.

He was not a successful artist while he was alive.
His brush strokes are always rough. 
He had his own style of painting. 
He always painted what he felt or what he saw.
He had a lonely life

    school custard

    Today at school in my class we made and ate custard because most of the children were not in class.
    We got rewarded with custard because we finished most of our grammar. My teacher was really kind to give us this reward. I was shocked this morning when she told me. My teacher brought the custard and we got some stirofome cups, milk, sugar, spoon and and a bowl and after we mixed everything together we warmed it in a microwave.