Wednesday, 30 July 2014

When i'm a grown up

When i am a grown up i will drive my self to witch ever shop or place i want to go to, i will also have my own candy shop with all the sweets and luxury's in the world, ill also be a famous actress with my own clothing line and i will do what ever i want.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Under the sea

This term my class an I are doing a under the sea theme. So the kind of things we are doing is we are talking about ways to save water, use less water and we also talk about the sea creatures my class and i are excited because we get to do a cool poster plus we can do a video a poem or anything that we can include the ocean in.


My holidays

On my holidays I went to Grand West, Canal Walk, Kasey, Cavendish and I also stayed at home allot doing things like sleeping and playing games but my favorite part was not going to school and spending all my time freely. It was three weeks of no school work, and allot of fun.