Wednesday, 29 April 2015


No matter what never stop BELIEVING!

My friends

My friends are awesome they are just as crazy as me. lol. They are so fun we do crazy thins together e.g. going on the cobra together. We love hanging out together some of my friend are closer than others e.g. my closest friends are Imaan, Azraah and Skye, because Skye and Azraah are in the same school as me and Imaan lives close to me. But my friends like Jenna and Atiyyah are far away.

My perfect long weekend

My perfect long weekend will all start with me my family and my two amazing friends Imaan and Azraah going to Sun City! We will fly in first class and watch movies for like two hours! We will do amazing things together like... swim in the wave pool, drive on the Sun City bus to where ever and walk down to the pools and entertainment plus spend quality time with our families along the way!  We would have things like pizza and Ice-cream while we are in the pool. It would be my perfect (crazy) long weekend!