Wednesday, 27 May 2015

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I really cant wait for my family vacation in JULY it's going to be the COOLEST thing ever. I'm flying to Doha and staying there for a few days then my family and I are going to Barcelona for about 3 days and from there we're going to get on a cruise ship called the  "Allure of the seas" the cruise ship will take us around Europe to places like Rome. The ship will have things like a ice rink, dozens of shops, dozens of restaurants, a cinema, pools, elevators, e.c.t. I cant wait to shop there, eat there, have fun there and be there!
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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Childrens safety on the internet

Hey, kids this blog post is all about children's safety on the internet. My entire blogging class is doing the same. So lets get in with this....
Reasons children should be safe on the internet:
1. Make it hard for people to stalk you like not writing your surname, home address, school's name, your location or age
2. Make sure you don't talk about personal things to someone you have never met in real life because they can say they're ONLY 10 and there name is Layla but they can be a 42 year old named Nathin 
3. DONT cyber bully because it can turn out really ugly and you can make a huge amount of trouble for your self and it is very mean and it makes you a bad person.
4. If someone is cyber bullying you, tell your parents, a teacher, a social worker, a cop, an uncle, an aunt, or anyone you could trust.
5. Oh and last but not least don't search up weird things, for your safety.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


My favourite food is pizza. I love it it's just great! My favourite place to go to when I eat pizza is Bin Rashied's Pizza & Grills. They have amazing pizza over there. They also make other things like Subs, chips, little things like mushrooms e.c.t. Well that's beside the point of pizza! My favourite kind is the Chicken with extra cheese and thick base. The worst pizza I have ever tasted was in a airport in Venice... "Me and my family were sitting in the airport it was about 2 hours before we had to board, and we were extremely hungry so we decided to by pizza because, well, it was Venice! So when we finally got the pizza we all took a slice but none of us could swallow it down. It was terrible! None of us expected it to taste as bad as it did but sadly id did." Luckily I got over it! Now a days I eat pizza mostly on weekends. PIZZA IS SO SUPER COOL! My friends like pizza almost as much as me they're about 2 slices away from me. But almost every one that I know loves pizza. It's just a really nice thing to eat.