Thursday, 20 November 2014

GOODBYE 2014!!!!!

GOODBYE PEOPLE OF 2014! Oh my word! I can't believe it's exams and a while after exams it's no more school!!!!! Man, next year everything is of my friends is leaving the school, the other is going to Gr.7 witch means I hardly get to see either of them. Luckily one of my friends will still be in the same class as me. I'm going to get a new teacher, a new school uniform, and my brother will be in the same school as me{S.O.S}!!!!!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Reflections of 2014!

This year of 2014 went really quickly, and I must say I enjoyed it. Except for the part where there is fighting, exams, and bullying. But I learnt allot of new things in blogging like: how to build a blog, I found out about gifs, I learnt how to make blog posts, how to leave comments on other blogs, e.c.t.
I also became more self-depended this year. I also had less homework this year than last year, so that's another good thing. I also got a new baby cousin earlier this year, in January.
Well I guess that's all the important things that happened this year, in my life.
Goodbye for now see you next week! <3 Ice-cream Girl!