Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Happy Birthday Zaccai

Happy birthday Zaccai
 It is my brothers birthday on Friday 6th of June. So I hope he has a great day because he is the best brother any sister could ever have, he is very smart for his age he listens well  and he likes helping people. When I am board  he starts to talk to me or plays games with me to cheer me up, that is why I love him. He is only 5 turning 6 and he might look small but his a big part of my life.

My time poem

In my class we had to make our own poem for English. I named my poem TIME GOES BY and here is how it goes.......

Time Goes By:
Time goes by faster tan you think
time goes by in just a few winks
Time is wasted time is rated
there are times were tired
there are times were sad
there are times were angry
there are times were glad
As time goes by we watch the clock go tick tock
Time flies but time never lies
time is always in disguise