Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Rainbow loom

        At my school right now every one is going rainbow loom crazy. Even the boys are wearing them, well under their jackets because technically we not supposed to be wearing them. When ever they get free time they make rainbow looms, surprisingly our teachers allow us to make them but not wear them, anyway buy for today.      

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Frozen !!!

I have a new favorite Disney princess and her name is Elsa yes the princess from frozen. The reason i like her is obviously because she has ice powers. Any way i like her so i hope you do to!!!

My explorer tips?

If you ever asked me how to be an explorer......

  1. Never doubt yourself even for a minute.
  2. Always keep your cool.
  3. Don't let people tell you, you cant do it.
  4. Always have tools such as... maps, water, food, climbing instruments e.c.t
  5. Always take notice of you'r surroundings.
  6. Pack things for the right place e.g  amazon would be... as sunscreen, shorts, glasses, short sleeve tops e.c.t.
  7. Don't go to places that you don't have maps for.
  8. Always have a transportation plan.
  9. Tell people where you going so they don't think your lost.
  10.  But most important of all don't give up!!!